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We've Provided Oregon Hard Money Loans for 34 Years

  • Have credit issues?
  • Don't want to deal with bank requirements?
  • Self-employed or income not easily verified?
  • Property doesn't qualify for a bank loan?
We are an equity based hard money lender providing fast funding on Oregon real estate without the paperwork of conventional lenders.

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About Hard Money Lenders. Hard Money Loans Explained.

"Hard money lender" is just another name for a private money lender.

This type of lender bases loan decisions primarily on property value and only secondarily on credit or income. Unlike banks that require considerable underwriting including financial statements and income verification, a hard money lender looks to the real estate securing the loan as their primary protection in case of default.

As long as you have a reasonable plan for repayment and sufficient equity in your real estate or a substantial down payment on a purchase, a private money lender will typically approve the loan.

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Choosing the Right Hard Money Lender

Our Gregory M. Russell team has been making loans in Oregon for 34 years. When it comes to private money, there isn't much we haven't seen.

We know our borrowers are looking for a quick turnaround loan without the paperwork associated with commercial banks. We consistently provide fast, common sense funding when conventional lenders are too restrictive or just too slow. And as a direct hard money lender, we're able to further simplify and shorten the loan process, unlike brokers who have to find private investors to fund loans.

We provide hard money loans in Portland, as well as Salem, Eugene, Roseburg, Medford, Bend, the Oregon Coast, and throughout the state of Oregon. While Portland gets all the attention with its nationally recognized employment opportunities and desirable livability we also recognize Oregon's rural neighbors and their need for quality hard money loans.

Our hard money loan guidelines:

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***Please note: We do not make loans on owner occupied dwellings, either principal residences or vacation homes.

Equal Opportunity Housing Lender Our products may have a higher interest rate, more points, or more fees than other products that require income documentation.